Pilates on the mat is a unique method to work your body according to its needs. Aiming for overall fitness and toning, recovering from an injury, addressing back or neck pain or improving posture and alignment this format is perfect for students of any level.


The suspension trainer TRX is a simple but highly effective at home or in the studio equipment. It’s the perfect way to build strength and stability always including the whole body. Tension and resistance can easily be adjusted to the individual level.


The Pilates method provides the ideal training for postpartum recovery. The main focus is on redefining the connection between ribcage and pelvis, firming up the abdominal wall and strengthening the pelvic floor. Every workout also includes an overall full body workout.


Training on the reformer offers an almost endless variety of exercises and ways to adequately strengthen, mobilise and stretch the body at any fitness level. The machine offers resistance as well as support and creates an all together beautifully dynamic movement experience.


Physical Therapy after injuries or surgery can be booked privately (no insurance). Main areas of expertise are manual therapy and sports therapy for shoulder, spine and knee issues. Hands on treatment generally and effectively goes along with a profound active training instruction.