Mindful Medical Personal Training

Experience personalized Pilates and functional training sessions tailored to support your physical and mental well-being. Benefit from interventions aimed at pain relief, rehabilitation, and overall physical health enhancement. Receive holistic care during pregnancy and postpartum with specialized Pilates routines. Custom mindfulness sessions integrated into workouts promote stress reduction and focus. Stay connected to your fitness routine with accessible 1:1 online sessions and a diverse range of workout options available on MindMed Training's YouTube channel, accommodating different schedules and time zones.

Rahel Weber-Ingold

Welcome to MindMed! The body, movement and physical activity have always been a passion of mine. I professionally trained in contemporary dance, which introduced me to Pilates, for which I later obtained my teacher certification. Physical therapy school and further education provided me with comprehensive medical knowledge as well as the various applications and manual techniques. Alongside I have been growing a very committed practice in mindfulness and meditation. MindMed thus encompasses training and body work in all the various forms with the ability to adjust to any needs, always aiming to build connection between mind and body as well as within the body.

Personal Training


Personal Training

Personalized Pilates/Functional training sessions designed to support your physical and mental well-being. Equipment provided are Pilates reformer, TRX, mat, weights and all the props.


Pregnancy, Postpartum

MindMed offers a holistic, personalized and knowledgeable care in this special phase of your life. Pilates is the ideal training method along the way towards and after giving birth.


Body Work

Interventions offer pain relief, injury rehabilitation, postural correction, mobility enhancement, muscle relaxation, scar tissue management, stress reduction and improved circulation.



MindMed offers tailored mindfulness sessions integrated into workouts or as standalone sessions. These promote stress reduction, emotional regulation, enhanced focus, and improved sleep.


Online Workouts

Never miss a workout when out of town. Enjoy instructions via private video call, or choose one of the many workouts available on the MindMed YouTube channel.



Private Training

One-on-one workout


In Tandem

Two participants
$90 each


House Calls

Work out at home

Classes are 50min.  At MindMed studio in Silverlake.  House calls within 30min of travel.


Write me an email,
text or call me on (213) 235-5572,
or visit me on social media.